Pre-School Program

General Outline


At Ignyte 4Kids we aim to teach the basics of co-ordination, movement and confidence with fun activities and exercises. Our program is designed for children, both girls and boys, from the age of two and a half to six years old. In addition, we also offer boys only classes. The duration of our classes run for 30 to 45 minutes , depending on age, and are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


The aim of our program, for the duration of the first term, is to focus on basic technique and movements which is then formulated into a short routine for the children to perform in the last week of term. On completion of the 10 week program, the students receive a certificate for their participation. Should children enjoy the classes, and wish to continue for another term, or a full year, we are able to offer more classes that will continue to improve and develop their skills.


Basics in movement and co-ordination


Appropriate to their age the children will begin to learn many skills including basic dance techniques, some ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and singing. Importantly along with dance technique your children will eternalise the ability to work together as a team within this dance program. We find that learning some of the fundamentals can help with posture, co-ordination, confidence and concentration. The classes run continuously with music so that children learn both musicality and rhythm.


Class format


After learning a variety of skills during the first half of the class the students are taught a routine, combining the skills they learn from week to week. This helps to develop and challenge their concentration and confidence.

Themed classes


To encourage the children, we offer themed classes where the class will have a particular theme or character organised for that week. For example; Pirate Classes, Fairy Classes, Princess Classes, Bee Classes, Superhero Classes and the list goes on.




The class is priced from $8 per student per lesson. (Based on a class size of 8 to 10 students) Cost may vary with class size.

Ignyte 4Kids is a fun, technical, challenging and educational class for pre-schoolers, enabling them to learn the basics in dance and music, whilst furthering their confidence, concentration and co-ordination.

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