"Couldn't speak more confidently about the Bangor Boppers and Tappers program. Started in 2002 and participated in the program every year from then. Boppers was something to look forward to with my friends each week and taught me not only dancing skills but also commitment. Matt and Diane were always very encouraging. From the choreography, to the costumes to representing the school, i couldn't speak more highly off this program. I Wish i still had the opportunities to dance with Matt and Dianne now and wish i could still do a performing arts concert!."

Samantha Dean

"My 3 daughters have danced with the Bangor Boppers and Tappers since 2002 and my last daughter left Bangor only last year. They loved the dancing and all the opportunities they were given to show it off. Two of my daughters are still dancing with Matt and love it. Their performances, costuming and showcases are exceptional and after being to many a concert and still going I am always so proud and they definitely stand out as number 1. Matt, Di and Zoe I would recommend your program to anyone and your hard work and long time commitment shows at these performances ."

Jodi Dean

"I was involved with the Bangor Boppers and Tappers program from 1994-2000, and I loved every minute of it. Even now, as a primary school teacher myself, who has coordinated dance programs in schools, and choreographed routines, I still refer back to what I learned during my days at Bangor school and I always speak highly of the program I had the opportunity to be a part of during my
primary school days. Bangor boppers and tappers is an integral part of the Bangor school community and sets the benchmark for performing arts in Shire schools. The credit goes to Diane, Matt and Zoe who continue to make it something that many children enjoy being a part of and who have made it something that people look back on with fond memories."

Melissa Gorman

Our daughter did the programe from year 1 and through Dianes expertise experience wonderful times with Boppersand Tappers right up to Year 6 . This was from 1994 to 1999 this experience enhanced her love of dance. She benefited greatly from The Boppers and Tappers under the teaching and time Diane put into the children. Tireless hours. Thankyou from both Rebecca and myself for this experience. All children were given the opportunity to dance.This is a school dance programe for kids to gain self esteem and confidence.Discipline is part and parcel of basic dance instruction ☺☺☺  the program is such a success that now my grandchildren attend and love it.Great job Diane and Matt ☺☺☺

Julie Ann Gleeson

I did the Bangor Boppers Program from 2007 until 2012 and I absolutely loved it. My best memories from primary school were the rehearsals and the concerts. Matt and Diane were amazing ! Boppers was the start of my love for dancing. I still dance with Matt and I continue to love every minute of it.

Maddison Dean

I started at bangor school from 1991 to 1997. I did boppers in at least 4 of those years. Tappers for two years and Diane's after school program Junior Jazz fun for several years too. I loved dancing and learning all the routines. I think the michael jackson one from jnr jazz fun and are you ready 97 boppers stands out the most in my memory. As well as the "grapevine" move .
My daughter is now 6 at bangor in her first boppers dance "minions" and would have done tappers too she wants to tap. 
She has also attended ignyte for the past 3 years and does ballet, hip hop and the stretch classes in their after school program. She loved her ballet and jazz lessons with miss zoe all to herself and loves doing her classes with miss alannah. She loves all her dance teachers has learned so much and developed a lot of strength and coordination that she has struggled with-she has come very far and will continue to go further under Diane, Matt and Alannah's amazing guidance, teaching and kindness.

Kelly Ireland

I will never forget the frantic preparations for the Bangor School Performing Arts Concerts - and the restless sleeps of excitement and sore heads due to noodles curling my hair that September brought into my life. I was an enthusiastic member of boppers and tappers from 1995-2000 and Junior Fun Jazz from 1993-2002. My mum was active in costume making and I can truely say that my primary school experience was the best ever because I loved dancing so much!! There was never a moment in my house when I walked past a mirror without practicing my dance moves, mum and dad and the grandparents were regularly treated to dance concerts at home, a woollies aisle was a place to practice my tap dancing (still does), and seriously nights down at northies in my early 20's were far less embarrassing on the dance floor because of the rythym I learnt in primary school. 
Confidence, friendships and enjoyment are what sticks in my mind and I love that bopper and tappers has been enjoyed by so many grades before and after mine :) thanks Diane xx

Emma Clisby

I loved the boppers and tappers group so much. It was so much fun coming to school and being about to practice our dance routines. I loved helping out Diane and Matt with all the younger grades and having responsibility. Teaching and learning new routines was fun and exciting and you got to make new friends with everyone at school. 
Also loved after school dance classes which we got to experience different things which we got to challenge ourselves and improve our skills and continuing to love dance. 
The performing arts concerts were also full of energy and excitement it was the best. The energy and atmosphere was amazing. 
It inspired me to continue dancing, but after hitting high school I stopped. I continue to ask Matt for new dance schools as I want to get back into tap and that. But living in London makes it a bit hard so Matthew Geronimi 2018 look out I'm coming for ya!!!
Love you guys 💙

   Carissa Blizzard

“My daughter Brooke attended Bangor Primary School from 1986 until 1992 and was lucky enough to be involved in Bangor Boppers (as it was called back then) in Grades 5 & 6. Those early years with Di gave her the confidence to continue taking dance classes which she still does to this day. Her little boy was born 3 months ago and she has already gone back to dancing. What amazing opportunities Di, and now Matt, have given to so many children.”


Janis Taylor

“I was at Bangor Primary from 1988-1994

And i was in Bobbers from 1991-1994 

Bangor Boppers Was The Best Time Of My Life Dancing At Miranda Centre Stage On Numerous Occasions and enjoyed our end of year concerts at Sutho Entertainment Centre.

Dianne has been a big part of alot of kids dancing and making lots of memories through out their time at Bangor Primary School through Boppers”


Sarah Phillips

I had four children go to Bangor Primary who all had the opportunity to dance with Bangor Boppers. Every year they looked forward to the concert and they were so proud to dance on the stage and we were so proud watching them. I felt lucky that my kids went to Bangor and were afforded the opportunity to learn dance with Diane. It helped their confidence and the encouragement shown to them made for a very enjoyable experience by them. Many great memories that they will cherish. They chose to go to a performing arts high school because of Bangor Boppers and Tappers and Bree also continued dance and became a dance teacher for Matt on leaving high school. They are all grateful to have gone to Bangor School to and given the opportunity to be a member of Bangor Boppers to learn dance and be part of the Bopper team and enjoy the experience of performing on stage. Thank you Di and Matt for making that possible xx


Deborah Cooper

"I participated in the Bangor Primary School Boppers from 2007 all the way through to 2012. Boppers really started my love of dancing and performing arts. Since my days in Bangor, I have studied Jazz Ballet and Greek dancing. Now in High School I am enjoying stage performance in Drama. Thank you Diane and Matt for showing me the stage and igniting a love for performing xx"


Zoe Brisco