School Structure

Ignyte 4Kids commences in Term 4 as most yearly performances take place in Term 3 of the following year. Starting the students routines in Term 4 gives the students a full year to learn and perfect each routine.


Students attend one lesson per week, during lunch time, before school and/or after school for 20 minutes to learn one high energy intricate routine with various pattern changes and effective choreography. Matt uses the best of past, present and well-known favourite songs for each group, making each one creative, original and innovative. Choreography continues each week, and the routine is constantly perfected so it is ready for school performances usually during term 3 and/or 4.


We separate each class by year level; for example; Kindergarten Girls/Boys, Year 1 Girls, Year 2 Girls, Year 3 Girls, Year 4 Girls, Year 5 Girls, Year 6 Girls, Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Tap. We aim to have class sizes of at least 12 students however when classes are just starting out, or class sizes are small, we can combine two or three levels together to build the group until the groups begin to grow.

The Ignyte 4Kids program is designed for Pre-School, Primary School and Senior School. A fantastic environment for children to learn to dance and express themselves whilst developing their co-ordination, concentration and musicality.

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