Ignyte 4Kids’ pricing structure is based on a weekly contribution. The cost per week includes tuition and choreography with an added fee for costumes. All students will be offered ONE FREE CLASS at the beginning of the program allowing them to experience what Ignyte 4Kids has to offer before committing to a full years tuition.

Ignyte 4Kids encourages students to commit to one lunch time per week, for 20 minutes, with the added commitment to attend performances for school events in term 3 and possibly term 4. After the second term of the program commences we stress that as costumes have been measured and cut and choreography and spacing completed we are unable to accept children pulling out from the program.

Ignyte 4Kids are also dedicated Wakakirri instructors. We pride ourselves on create innovative, story driven pieces with attention to detail with our costumes, props, makeup and fully edited music with effects. If you are interested in creating a Wakakirri piece please contact us via the contact tab.below.


*All prices are negotiable depending on class sizes and number of groups. Should you require any further information or confirmation of our pricing structure, we welcome your enquires via phone and/or email


**While pricing above is indicated on a weekly basis, full payment is required prior to the commencement of each term.