Education Through Innovation

Ignyte 4Kids is an inter-school dance program run by Diane Coss and Matthew Geronimi. The program was originally named Bangor Boppers and Tappers (then 2D Dance) when Diane Coss first started the company 27 years ago. Our Ignyte 4Kids philosophy prides itself on exceptional dance training taught to children of all ages, from all year levels, no matter the level of dance experience, all during school hours. It is a fun affordable way to keep children active during their break time and to stimulate their minds and bodies in a different way. The program focusses on teaching children, from Kindergarten to Year 6, the ability to work together as a team, pick up choreography, further develop co-ordination and to have fun while doing it.


Matthew and Diane have been in partnership for the past 12 years teaching at Bangor Primary School and Yowie Bay Public School. The students from both schools have performed at Music Festivals, Dance Extravaganzas, Regional Dance Festivals and many more public performances.


Matthew has successfully choreographed and submitted Junior and Senior Dance Ensembles to regional finals over the past 10 years and he is also a Wakakirri creator, choreographer and director.


Matthew and Diane have perfected the art of school dance training and their method and product has been on going for the past 27 years. For a high energy, fun, educational in-school program, look no further than Ignyte 4Kids.


Ignyte 4Kids has developed a program for pre-schoolers and we offer an exceptional school disco service at the end of each school term