Have you been looking for that perfect class that combines style, groove, funk and fun? Well look no further than Ignyte Dance Studios! Offering all genres of dance for all ages starting from Tiny-tots through to Adults.


First class for all new students at Ignyte is FREE!


Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Classical, Contemporary, 

Ballroom - Modern and Latin, Wedding Dances,

Tiny Tots, Babies, Adults!


Hip Hop at Ignyte studios is our speciality genre, we teach foundation steps, new age steps which are then taught into combinations and routines. Students are taught how to adapt to different styles and use light and shade in all their movements whilst having fun. Ignyte Dance Studios shines through with innovative, and original choreography. A must style for all aspiring dancers who want to learn co-ordiantion, groove, style and have fun in the process.


Jazz at Ignyte studios teaches students the technical aspects of dance as well as learning a variety of steps and combinations to then combine into full routines. Students are taught how to stretch and support their bodies correctly whilst learning turns, leaps and jazz combinations. 


Tap at Ignyte Studios teaches students a strong foundation of Tap steps and knowledge which are then combined into tap combinations and routines. At Ignyte we teach students to adapt to various styles, both light and rhythmical then grounded and percussive. No previous training is required for this class, a must for all aspiring tap dancers and a great escuse to make lots of noise but look great in the process..

Classical Ballet & Contemporary

Classical Ballet and Contemporary has just begun at Ignyte Dance Studios. A must for all aspiring dancers; classical technique provides the basis for all forms of dance and asists in the correct technique and placement to ensure students are moving their bodies in a safe way.

Tiny Tots

Do you have a little one around the age of 2 or 3 itching to dance? Well look no further than Ignyte Dance Studios' Tiny Tots class. This 30 minute class combines jazz, ballet and hip hop; incorporarting basic fundamental technique and fun into one class. Students learn the basic technical movements of dance whilst also learning the ability to remember routine combinations which they will then perform in the Ignyte Concert.


Ballroom - Modern and Latin


If you are interested in ballroom lessons please send us an equiry. We offer private or group lessons in a 5 week package. We also offer personal wedding waltz' to couples who are non-dancers and dancers.


Our Babies class is a step up from Tiny Tots; further developing techniques from jazz. ballet and hip hop whilst learning more challenging choreographic combinations and routines. The Babies age group ranges from 4 to 6 with no prior dance training required. They learn new steps and combinations each week which then prepares them for the Ignyte Concert




 If you are interested in our adult class please send us an equiry as we offer a 5 week package to beginners up to professionals. n.b minimum numbers apply

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